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“I was losing sleep and sank into a deep depression over my bills. I was paralyzed in my own house and I couldn’t face the knock on my front door by the sheriff serving me papers. I thought that bankruptcy would be the worst thing in the world, but instead I can wake up each day and face life without fear and worry. After filing bankruptcy with O’Bryan Law Offices, I felt a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders and I was able to keep my home. I feel very GRATEFUL to all the staff that pulled me through this tough time and encouraged me.”

– Carl S., Louisville, KY

“My parents kept telling me that bankruptcy would ruin my future. They made me think that I would never be able to get a new home or car. I filed my Chapter 7 bankruptcy and 90 days later I was debt free. I got a “Fresh Start” and I re-established my credit score within 2 years. My husband and I recently purchased a new car at a very reasonable rate. It taught me “The sooner you file, the sooner you recover.” O’Bryan Law Offices was professional and helped me realize that this was the BEST decision to make. Thank you Julie and tell your staff thank you for their support and patience.”

– Denise W., Mt. Washington, KY

“My credit score was already ruined and the garnishments were just around the corner. I knew what I had to do but I didn’t know where to start. I called Julie’s office and the person answering the phone understood that I was very nervous and couldn’t think straight because I hadn’t slept in a week. The attorney met with me free of charge and explained my options. I immediately sensed that everything was going to be alright. I retained Julie’s firm and I was given detailed instructions on how to move forward. I can rest easy thanks to O’Bryan Law Offices. They gave me a new lease on life. Thank you so much!”

– Chad T., Frankfort, KY

“Don’t believe what people tell you. I saved my house after people told me that I would have to give up everything I owned. Every situation is different and I am on my way to a better future. It was simple and fast. My paralegal was great and made me feel good about my next step, “life after bankruptcy”. My kids can tell a difference in my happiness and I can be a better parent. Julie and her staff handled all my problems and are very compassionate. I appreciate all you’ve done for me and my family.”

– David H., Louisville, KY

“The creditors and collection agencies were driving me crazy. Calling day and night and using scare tactics that made me live in fear. They called me at work and called my family members. I felt ashamed and confused. It made me so mad and my boss wasn’t too happy either. I was fed up and knew that I needed to change things. I looked around for attorneys and felt the most comfortable after my first free consultation with O’Bryan Law Offices. What a difference the right lawyer makes? Everyone was positive and treated me with dignity and respect.”

– Roger H., Upton, KY

“After meeting for the first free consultation and finding out that I qualified for a Chapter 7, I broke down crying. I was able to keep my home and car and get rid of all my medical debt and credit card bills that piled up after I was diagnosed with cancer. I am now cancer free. And thanks to O’Bryan Law Offices and their amazing staff, I am now debt free. Julie, you have a great support team. I truly appreciate all you did to help me. I will tell everyone I know how wonderful you were during this time of uncertainty and turmoil.”

– Sarah B., Louisville, KY

“After my spouse passed away, I had some tough decisions to make about my home and future. My income changed drastically and I was left with huge medical bills. I could not afford to stay in my home and my kids were not in a position to help me financially. O’Bryan Law Offices checked on me without asking and helped me face the harsh reality with hope in my heart. I praise your office for listening and giving me the strength to move forward on my own. Thanks Julie!”

– Tonya W., Louisville, KY

“I graduated and could not find a job in my field of study. I knew if I got rid of all my other debt I might be able to cope with my student loans. I didn’t make much money and needed a break. I barely had gas money and needed my job so I could pay my rent and eat. I was drowning in debt and decided to call O’Bryan Law Offices to see what my options were. I knew the economy was hurting and my chance of finding a higher paying job was bleak. I filed bankruptcy and I know that I can now afford to pay my student loans and take better care of myself. If it weren’t for Julie and her professional staff with positive attitudes, I would not be doing well right now. I just want to say thank you to everyone I came in contact with. By taking the time to listen, you made me believe that there are good people on earth that truly care!”

– Sylvia D., Jeffersonville, IN

“My husband lost his job and our income dramatically changed. We tried to sell our house and reduce our expenses. The market was not responding and our home sat on the market for over 1 year. It is now in foreclosure and he finally got a job making half the money he used to. We called O’Bryan Law Offices to see what options we had. Even though we had to make a tough decision to let our house go, we realized that it was the wisest financial decision. Filing bankruptcy took care of the debt we owed the mortgage company and we now live a simple and peaceful life. Letting go is hard, but getting the help you need is easy when you call O’Bryan Law Offices. Thanks for all your help and sharing your smiles when we felt like crying.”

– Natalie E., New Albany, IN

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