Divorce Related Bankruptcy


If bankruptcy matters arise after a divorce, you will likely have questions about obligations and what you can and cannot discharge in a bankruptcy. It is important to understand the differences between dischargeable and non-dischargeable debts or obligations.

In Kentucky, domestic obligation debts such as alimony (maintenance) and child support cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy. However, back support can be consolidated and paid off through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Our Louisville alimony and bankruptcy attorneys know the law and will be working on your team to help you get debt relief. We have significant experience representing men and women in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy matters involving divorce and have a core group of lawyers with specific experience in this area.

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Louisville Bankruptcy Attorneys Helping Divorced and Divorcing Clients throughout Kentucky

Bankruptcy can complicate divorce; divorce can complicate bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can explain your options and fully handle your bankruptcy during and after your divorce.

At O’Bryan Law Offices, we have successfully handled thousands of bankruptcy cases since 1994, including many cases occurring during, after and because of divorce. If you have divorce-related bankruptcy questions, we can provide experienced and affordable counsel and legal help.

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Divorce-related bankruptcy issues most often arise in one of two situations:

  • A couple is still married, is contemplating divorce and wishes to resolve debt before the divorce
  • An individual is divorced and owes his or her former spouse for marital debt

If you are contemplating divorce, we can work with both you and your spouse to quickly obtain the information you need. If you are already divorced, we can meet with you to discuss your options, including the advisability of filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In many instances, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can effectively free debtors from the obligation to repay debt to a former spouse following divorce.

Whether you are facing a divorce-related foreclosure or are struggling to meet mortgage payments following a breakup with a partner to whom you were not married, we can provide the legal help you need. For more information about our firm and your bankruptcy rights and options, contact our offices.

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